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Helmet in the Style of: NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL THIRD PHASE CHIEF'S BLANKET, WOMAN'S STYLE, circa 1885 Helmet in the Style of: CLASSIC NAVAJO THIRD PHASE CHIEFS BLANKET, circa 1850 Helmet in the Style of: CLASSIC NAVAJO PONCHO SERAPE, circa 1850 Helmet in the style of: CLASSIC NAVAJO FIRST PHASE CHIEF'S BLANKET, UTE STYLE, circa 1820 Helmet in the Style of: RIO GRANDE BLANKET, circa 1890

The ARAI RX-7RR3 is the latest evolution of the motorcycle racing helmet. As you would expect of ARAI, it has features and advancements you can''t find on any other helmet, anywhere! And while its extremely light shell construction and diffuser ventilation system is used in racing conditions, it is Arai''s practice to make all of it''s helmets available to anyone.

Here is how Silverman helmets are prepared and painted:

First the Arai washable helmet liner is removed from the shell. The shell is then sanded and cleaned. Kosmos brand urethanes are layered on the helmet shell by freehand airbrush. No stickers are used. Each helmet is an original work of art and is slightly different from the next. The helmets are then cleaned again and prepped with Dupont 222-adhesion promoter and an anti-static gun is used to prevent static. The shell is then lightly tac coated with Dupont urethane clear coat. Next, the shell is completely clear coated and baked at 115 degrees in a sanitary environment. The shell is then sanded with 2000 grit sandpaper to remove all illregularities, then re-cleared coated two more times and baked again. After a perfectionist inspection, the washable liner and cheek pads are reinstalled inside the shell. During this process, environmental laws are obeyed.

Limited edition of 100, signed by Jack Silverman, AMA #67

About the designs:

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